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Word used by puertorican people to describe a person who talks allot of B.S., or who believes he is somthing or someone he is not.
Ese mamabicho esta roncando desde hace rato.
Mira a ese cabron, esta roncando de bichote.
by Islita December 21, 2004
adj. Word used by Puertoricans to describe a person who is and lives a very ghetto way of life.
Someone who lives a low life and has bad taste for what they consider "luxury".

Look at that fool, he thinks his gold painted Jordans are the shit, if he only knew he looks cafre.

Mirate a este bobo,se cree que las Jorad color oro matan. Se nota que el tipo es un cafre.
by Islita November 14, 2007
A bad agroupation of musicians that play on local festivities, go to wealthy houses, and expect a pay. In Puertorican it is used to describe a friend that seems to always be high, and lives at a very lazy slow paced life.
James you are a murga, get off your ass and lets go clubbing.

Lancho jodia oveja murgosa levantate y vamos pa la disco.

Alguien ha vsito al fou? Esta hecho una murga y desaparecio denuevo

by Islita November 14, 2007

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