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1. A person who is so hideous you have to keep a vomit bucket next to you while having sex with them. Normally, you would up-chuck on this person; however, a person this hideous might like it, so you keep the bucket near by to avoid satisfying their fetish and getting spew tangled up in your pubs.

2. When you only have sex with someone when blackout drunk, but you kind of know them in real life, so you keep the vomit bucket near by to avoid an awkward moment should your case of the drunks get the best of your stomach. You like the person, so you don't want to lather them in your spew.
That guy is a total bucket fuck.

Yeah, I mean, I like sleeping with Dave. But he's a total bucket fuck. Nothing more. Nothing less.
by IslandHippies October 21, 2009

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