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referring to Jamaican Patois

Contrary to popular belief Jamaican Patois is not "Broken English." If that were the case then Spanish, Italian, French, and Romanian would be considered broken Latin. Jamaican Patois is actually a language that has been influenced by multiple languages as all patois is. Patois is somewhat English based as Jamaica was an English colony but it has integrated Portuguese, Hindi, Yoruba(as well as many other West African languages), and a small amount of Spanish. Trinidadian Patois is more French and Spanish based as opposed to Jamaican patois with English. The language is referred to as Patois because that term specifically means that the language cannot be titled because of the mixture of the language.

referring to the umbrella term Patois

Patois is the french term for "dialect." A dialect usually refers to a language spoken within a country, state, state or area where another language is more predominantly spoken and the new language is based on that language. There are dialects in nearly all countries and sill slowly new ones are being created. If the term Patois is used by any other language it refers to a new language created from multiple languages. Sometimes also reffered to as Kreyol or Creole. Di
Jamaican Patois

“How yu luk so chaka chaka?”(Obvious example of it not being broken English)

-Your clothes look a mess (untidy, unkempt, wrinkled, not properly put together, or unfashionable)
by IslandBwoy April 10, 2013
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