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The Guns N' Roses album that Axl Rose promised & DELIVERED on November 23,2008. This day will go down in history. The prayers of all GNR fans were answered with this masterpiece of an album
Finally, the world has Chinese Democracy
by Island girl08 December 24, 2008
"Land across the water". A tiny island off the eastern shore of Virginia. Tourist flock here every summer to crowd the beaches and watch the world famous "Pony Swim". Home of the Chincoteague Volunteer Firemans Carnival, and Pony Tails salt water taffy.

The locals enjoy listening to their police scanners, sharing the latest gossip over a hot cup of coffee at McDonalds, driving 25 mph, and getting intoxicated at one of the many local watering holes. The "good ol' boy" system is strictly honored

Chincoteague is only approximatly 3X5 miles in size, but, large enough to contain about 75 hotels, and 1000 resturants,& 30,000 rednecks.

Chincoteague is a paradise for vacationers.
Unfortunatly, not so much for the locals. Careers are limited to waitress(or waiter), cashier, housekeeper, or bartender. Some of the upper-class Chincoteaguers get into real estate. This affords them the ability to look down upon other locals.
I have to get off this island, Chincoteague is so lame!
by Island girl08 August 21, 2008

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