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The coolest most sexy funny smart badass dudette in the universe
Oh man, that girl is such a Thea, way outta my league.
by Ishkabibble August 20, 2003
much under appreciated car euro packages have the same seats of a b6 s4 and the 6 speed out of a mini cooper s
wow that svt focus has that and costs less than a mk4gti and a ep3 si neat
by ishkabibble October 16, 2012
when something is ultra-mega coolioyoyo
dude, that is totally gnarlymatic... yea
by Ishkabibble August 20, 2003
extreme annoying... erm... ness. yea. extrem annoyingness
Achk! You should die for you did something... that was bad... die. ACHK!
by Ishkabibble August 20, 2003
usually bookended by asterisks, it is used online to mean that you are surprised, or to signify wide eyes.
*GAF* seriously?
by Ishkabibble August 20, 2003
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