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1 definition by Ish Kidd

well theres a couple of meanings

the not so cool meaning - its a part of your hair usualy the fringe that flicks up oddly its soooo funny (: i have a cornflake its the sex!

the cooler meaning - when lucy and phil dress up as catholics in there amazing school uniforms (well lucys school uniform) and say they are oh so cornflake cause its the word for catholic but cooler and they are just amazing but you gota say it in a weird way or else you jus sound silly
the not so cool version - OMG YOU HAVE A CORNFLAKE!!! ahaha

the cooler version - Like oh emm gee we are so cornflake i mean look how CORNFLAKE we look in there CORNFLAKE blazers :) so cornflake!
by Ish Kidd July 23, 2009