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a merge of two stereotypes goth/geek and is either

1. a geek who is generally unique and dark
2. a goth who is better than most with computers or other tech like items
person 1: did u see person 3's new trenchcoat
person 2: yea he's so dark and a little creepy
person 1: yea but he's a beast with computers
person 2: no doubt he's so frickin gotheek
by IseeingI2I January 07, 2009
a informal name for duct tape. mainly because most rednecks have something fixed with duct tape in there house

duct tape is also a main use in nigger riging
hick 1: god bless redneck fix all
hick 2: amen
by IseeingI2I July 25, 2008
To feel obligated to argue, return or reject something over something as small as a penny.
"I felt Jewbligated to buy 2 smaller jars of peanut butter for 2 pennies less than 1 larger jar."

"I gave you $20 for a 9.99 bill and you only gave a 10 back, where is my penny dammit!"

"I found this same product 2 cents cheaper next door I'll just get it there instead."
by iseeingi2i May 17, 2012

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