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One of the many uses of the word yea. Pronounced Ba, not Bah, it can replace any yea that you say. Other uses of the word yea are whea, sure, and yea. It is also common to combine these forms to make interesting phrases such as bahsurewhea, wheasurebah, and surebahwhea, etc. Bah was created by saying the work yea really fast over and over again, eventually evolving to the word Bah. It can also be Bah, so basically at any given time it can be yea.
Example 1:

Matt: "Jay can I come over today"
Jay: "Bah"

Example 2:

Matt: "Jay, is it Bah?"
Jay: "Bah"
#bah #sure #whea #yea #bahsure
by Isbister April 25, 2006
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