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something that is perceived to be luxurious, and thus flaunted as such when in reality it does not truly have a luxurious status.
Guy 1: Man bob bought a Camaro it's expensive he must have money.
Guy 2 no, Bob is broke a Camaro is poor people expensive.
by Isaiah Bradley June 25, 2011
The intense feeling you receive in the eyes once the light is turned on after a period of prolong darkness
Craig don't turn on the light you'll give all a darkness Hangover
by Isaiah Bradley July 16, 2011
long standing practices used by people who live in rural areas that have little or no basis in science
Grandson: man these flies are all over the food
Grandmother: fill a plastic bag with water and put a penny in it then hang it up. It'll keep them away
Father: that is some Country Science son

man: my hand is itching really bad
old woman: that mean some money is coming into your life.
man: you are crazy that is just Country Science.
by Isaiah Bradley June 25, 2011
To force someone to see something that they did not want to see.
Person 1 Did you see that Tanya posted a picture of an aborted fetus on facebook!

Person 2 Yeah! I was scrolling down my news feed and bam there it was. She totally eye raped me.
by Isaiah Bradley January 11, 2013

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