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A sexual position more commonly known as the pile driver in which the woman sticks her ass in the air while the man points his penis downward and squats to penetrate after which he repeats until he realizes it's way to uncomfortable for either party to climax.
(Johnny) Damn man, why you look so tired?
(Davey) I tried dip donging Tammy last night and all I got was charlie horses and her bitching at me about how much her neck and ass hurt afterwards.
by Irving Fryer July 06, 2010
A racial slur for Hispanics because of the common occupation of landscaping. But also sometimes used to make fun of a landscaper the same way grease monkey is used to make fun of mechanics.
Asshole:"Speak English you fucking mulch chuckers"
Landscaper: "Actually I'm bi-lingual asshole and nobody was talking to you so what the fuck do you care? Now get the fuck out of here before I rip you four extra assholes with my pitch fork!"
by Irving Fryer July 09, 2010
When a guido goes out with his homo buddies and listens to house music while inserting his fist up his buddy's butthole and pumping to the house music giving pleasure to gay guido crews all over the NJ NYC area.
Friend 1: "This club music sucks"
Friend 2: "Yeah look at those guineas stinkfistpumping each other in the corner, it stinks in here"
Friend 3: "It'll only be a matter of time before they start chugging each other's alfredo sauce"
by Irving Fryer July 20, 2010
you butter the turd cutter before you hit her in the shitter or pump her in the dumper or mow her turd blower
That slut tells me I can do whatever I wanted so I'm gonna butter the turd cutter then meat her bean steamer.
by Irving Fryer October 10, 2011
The butthole, anus, asshole, poop chute, turd hole, shit pipe,
I want that whore to play my meat whistle with her turd blower.
by Irving Fryer April 22, 2011
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