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A lady's love lotion or a man's knob nectar, or a cocktail of the two also known as fuck muck; the sticky secretions produced by the genitals while in the throes of orgasmic spasm.
Babe the sheets are dripping with our sex syrup!
by Irritatus Maximus November 23, 2007
The odour of one's breath having previously dined on bearded clam or split beaver.
Open the window dude - you got minging cunt breath.
by Irritatus Maximus September 19, 2007
A mucus-like substance that forms on the outer vaginal lips, usually as a result of sustained coital activity. Presents itself in various colors, from white to muddy brown. Occurs as a result of the sexual lubricants coagulating due to friction and the drying effect of exposure to the air.

More commonly referred to as fanny batter.
Darling, would you mind terribly if I wipe away the cunt sludge before performing cunnilingus?


Jeez, my cock is covered in your cunt sludge!
by Irritatus Maximus September 18, 2007
The mixture of lubricants and secretions generated by the genitals as a result of coitus. AKA sex syrup.
We lay, exhausted but deeply satisfied, in a pool of our own fuck muck.
by Irritatus Maximus November 23, 2007
A man's sex syrup; the material from which a pearl necklace is constructed.
I moisturised her cheeks and forehead with knob nectar.
by Irritatus Maximus November 23, 2007
The sex syrup produced by the genitals of either a man or a woman during sexual arousal and/or while climaxing.
I was so turned on that I spattered her face with my love lotion the moment she pulled out my spunkstick.
by Irritatus Maximus November 23, 2007
A larger and more impressive version of the spunkstick.
She nearly passed out when I pulled out the spunk trunk!
by Irritatus Maximus October 04, 2007

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