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2 definitions by Irritated Negress

used to describe someone when they're being a jerk or being stupid in general; can be used in conjuction with 'douche'.
Dude #1: Dude. did you see that asshole over there yellin at his girl like that?

Dude #2: Yeah he's such a schmende.

Dude #1: Jeez. what a douche.
by Irritated Negress July 18, 2006
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when black people don't want to do something because they will be seen as "poor", like shopping at Food City instead of Randall's Supermarket, or spending 200 damn dollars on some bullshit at Dillard's when I look just as good if not better by shopping at Marshall's and i still got money to spend at the club on drinks. Not that i'd need to cuz i'd be lookin so good people would buy me drinks all night. i digress.

bourgeois niggers will not go over to the west side of town to see a Christmas play put on by other black children because that is. the 'poor' side of town. breaks my fucking heart.
That bourgeois nigger can stunt in his Lexus all he wants; but we're never gonna forget that one of his first jobs was workin at Hardee's.
by Irritated Negress July 18, 2006
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