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1: A town in southwest Wiltshire to which you should never go unless you want to shorten your manhood.

Can also be used as an insult in the same way.
"So we were like getting changed at the pool and i looked at him and said "Shit Alan, you never told me you took a fuckin' visit to stumpycock," and then he twatted me with a shovel."
by IronicallyInwiltshire June 14, 2008
The title most popularly associated with a man who slaughters pigs out of choice, although it can be used to refer to a recently appeared class of philosopher.
"Hey Keith, i think I've just discovered the meaning of everybody's eschatological and interpersonal relationships in a way that, unlike my previous attempts at uncovering this mystery, doesn't relate back to the world of herpetology."

"Bugger off, Winston. Them real spamshiners'll never believe yuh."
by IronicallyinWiltshire July 23, 2008
In this insult, the word cunt is merely an alternation in spelling for the word can't, making it a derogatory term for snooker players who just haven't got the hang of it yet.
"That's an easy situation down there barry, the red is lined up expertly, a mistake made by the previous player."

"That's right steve, johnothan is about to take the shot and ohhh!"

"What a fucking cuntpot!"
by IronicallyInwiltshire June 14, 2008
A Faceplosion is where a particular facial feature somehow creates a small explosive device within itself that at any moment, will detonate and possibly injure any surrounding people. There is currently no possible way to cure the Faceplosion incident, and in some cases Faceplosion sufferers are used as weapons in military operations.
"Alright, Bravo team will flank to the right of the building, Fox Delta, you march right into the front with the Pfc, he's got the Faceplosions!"

"Sir, you serious? The whole buildin' will blow!"
by IronicallyInwiltshire June 14, 2008

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