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Despite the overall physical condition of Terry Schiavo, Randall Terry pro-life decided to stick his foot in the matter and screamed to the press how Terry was being murdered by the State. Even though the now politicized matter was punted to the judiciary, the damage had already been done; this bi-partisan slimy football will figure in the elections of '06 and '08. Therefore, the definition follows

Any attempt to subvert and negate base spousal rights through whatever means available, whether they are political or religion based, to further your own agenda, without regard to the person or persons so affected or the existence under which they presently dwell.

Insistence of accepting only the facts of a situation that fit your paradigm, ignoring any anomalies that may impugn the aforementioned so as to further the above.
Senator, the 23 strokes have left the patient brain dead. What shall we do?

Find a way to schiavo them.......and make sure you can blame someone else....it will make for good press coverage so we can get more free name recognition for the next election!
by IronBrand April 04, 2005
A person that utilizes at most a microscopic portion of their brain when addressing issues, far less than even the average human being; this condition is pre-dominant in recent college graduates as well as Congress
War for Oil! Gore Won! The Muslims are our Friends!

by IronBrand April 04, 2005

Congratulations Google, caving in so as to offer that which will keep the Communist Chinese in power for even a longer time, delaying the day when they have freedom.


An insipid, pale version of Google, the celebrated search engine, soon to be approved for prison-labor pestholes across the world. It is only a matter of time before the Capitalistic tendencies of the Chinese collide with the Communist government and grind it under their feet. Thanks Google for postponing that day. Next, will there be Google.ME?
"You There!!! We were monitoring your internet usage and we saw you look up the word 'Freedom'!"

"I was not! I was using the state approved Google.cn!"

"Comrades, he was using Google.com! Look in Cache!! 10

Years in Laobang Gaizou!!!
by Ironbrand February 14, 2006
A specialized search engine used by a wide variety of environmentalist types, from ones who simply refuse to see the truth to those who think Kyoto is of benefit. It acheives this by screening out any search results that are not green-oriented or reek of fell common sense
Gorgle Kyoto Recriminations....No standard web pages containing all your search terms were found. hrmmmm

Gorgle Nuclear Plant Protests.....Results 1 - 10 of about 1,150,000 ...interesting....

Gorgle Nuclear Fusion Power......Due to the danger this poses to mother earth, all results have been blocked! Urge your Congressman to support the Kyoto Treaty!......What the hell? Is this some sort of joke!
by Ironbrand May 02, 2007
- A member of a French commune

- The more pejorative definition: an ultra-violent French Marxist faction that arose at the conclusion of the Franco-Prussian war with the sole intent of throwing down the government and creating a proletariat paradise. The end result they sought was a fully state owned infra with high taxes and few freedoms. In this description, a communard is no better then a Trotskyite red; it is a fact that when the reds sought to bring their revolution to the world starting in 1918, France and Bulgaria were the most receptive to their message and as such were guilty of some repugnant actions in the name of Communism. Contrast France's actions with that of Germany or the UK to get a better picture.
"You americans need more government control; the freedom you have is a danger to the world."

"Freedom is a dangerous thing...especially to those who would deny it. Freedom could cause independent thought; can't have that!"

"The french believe in and support their government; they know what is best for their citizens. The high taxes we pay guarantee a working state, with out the dangerous freedoms you americans have!

(Middle finger gesture) Spoken like a true filthy Communard; shove your red faction bullshit up your ass!
by Ironbrand December 08, 2006
Dipping The Wench - A pirate term for what the shipmates want to do after being stuck at sea for so long.
Eight months at see tis the tavern for me!
I'll show 'er me gold then I'll dench 'til I'm cold!
by Ironbrand June 24, 2006

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