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The opposite of the Illuminati, who take pride in their high level of knowledge and learning. An Illiterati takes pride in the fact that they are ignorant and refuse to learn (adjust their paradigm)often to the severe detriment of those around them.
Many examples abound, from the liberal screaming out News Media sound Bites to the clergy who says trust their judgment while molestation lawsuits rain upon them.
by Ironbrand April 23, 2005
In geo-political denotation, an agreement that once signed, causes an end to hostilities PROVIDED that the conditions to the aforementioned agreemnet are met. Failure to comply with the accord conditions can result in the original action stopped by the Accord to be carried out as if no agreement was ever effected.
Germany and Japan are still bound by Accords both signed in 1945, stating that if they ever became belligerents in their respective theatres again, the allies would crush them. These Accords are still in effect.

Saddam Hussein signed an Accord in 1991 allowing him to retain power PROVIDED:

1.) He destroyed his WMD stockpiles and showed proof of their disposal.

2.) That he stand down his military arm and cease to be a threat to the gulf region

3.) That he forfeit and disavow all claims to Kuwait and other regions.

Said Accord trumped any other agreements that he had with such entities as the UN. When Saddam refused to comply with the Accord, Iraq was invaded (An action that was halted due to the 1991 Accord) and Saddam was removed as a leadership entity. It is interesting to note that the UN refused to enforce the Accord due to not only the UN profiting from trading with Saddam ( in violation of a trade embargo) but France, Russia and Australia were also found complicit in this action.
by Ironbrand January 27, 2007
An alternative name for the compound Polonium-210 that was used to kill a critic of the Putin Administration in London. Polonium is so rare or a naturally occuring radioactive Isotope that it has to be created. The sheer gall of the action, however, is nothing in comparison to the big picture. Russia is but a shadow of what the USSR once was; they are in essence a third world country with no real infrastructure of consequence. On top of this assasination, two Anti-Putin Journalists were also killed. The Bear is not buried at all; it lays silent in the shadows, wounded, angry, and above all, dangerous.
The Putinium (Polonium-210) used in the assassination of the former KGB operative in London was traced back to a Russian Nuclear plant. Go figure.....1918 replay....the Bear Rising.
by Ironbrand January 28, 2007
In the political realm, an aspect of a candidate that will cost them votes no matter how they spin the situation. This is factually based on the Election of 1960 where John F. Kennedys's religion cost him votes. A woman running for president would have such a factor attached.
John F. Kennedy was a practicing Catholic and the first such Catholic running for president. Due to this fact of his religion, it cost him votes in the election. A number of Nixon votes were for the most part Anti-Kennedy, not Pro-Nixon. Since that time, such an unavoidable factor against a candidate was referred to as a Kennedy Factor.
by Ironbrand January 20, 2007
An Omnicider is one who has the urge to kill all around them, indiscrimate to the havoc and ruin they cause. This is a fitting term for the Suicide Bombers that seem to be prevalent these days, since that is their ultimate goal: To effect an act of Omnicide
And omnicider detonated themselves today, killing 7 and wounding 10.
by Ironbrand April 17, 2006
When the Bolsheviks took over Russia in 1917, they eventually spread across the world to promote their concept of paradise. How they were treated varied from country to country. While some welcomed them, others forced them into a entity of legal discourse. In England, they were not tolerated at all. Any group outside of Labour and Tory was marginalized as much as possible. The political groups thus marginalized away from any real power became known as factions. A Red Factioner is someone from England who is in support of Marxist principles of governance.
That bloke there thinks that the Queen is one of the Bourgeois! Bloody Red Factioner he is.....
by Ironbrand August 09, 2006
a person who is misunderstood at times, but intelligent, affectionate and very cuddly
Her husband treats her like shit, but she sure is a Beccles!
by Ironbrand August 06, 2006
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