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2 definitions by IronAndCopper

A game played most frequently by kids, teens and young adults. To begin, a group sits together (often in a circle), and the first questioner asks "truth or dare?" to any player he/she wants in the group. If "truth" is answered, that player must honestly answer a question given, no matter how personal or embarrassing (and often related to sexual themes). If "dare" is answered, that player must complete a task given by the questioner, which is also often embarrassing or awkward. Once the player responds to the truth or completes the dare, he/she can then question another player in the group, and the cycle continues.

The overall tone of the game can differ depending on how "hardcore" the players want the questions or dares to be. Some games are denoted as "friendly" where sexual acts, nudity or over-personal questions are avoided (the best way to play if there are couples). There can also be supplemental rules as to how many truths a player can take before they must take a dare (often no more than 2 truths in a row). In some cases the game is modified to be a drinking game, where a person has to drink if they pass when chosen.
While we played Truth or Dare, we learned that John masturbates every day at his job, and Cindy had to eat expired mayonnaise out of the back of the fridge.
by IronAndCopper August 21, 2010
A predicament that occurs when you are in separate AIM conversations with two or more people and try to keep all of them going at once. Many times, your conversation interest may begin to veer toward one person, so the other people are left waiting for your response to a conversation you've lost interest in or forgotten about.
Person123: Um... you still there?

(You're AIM-Meandering.)

You456: Yeah, sorry dude, just writing a paper and giving the dog a bath, you know.
by IronAndCopper September 06, 2010