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Occurring in males after sexual intercourse or masturbation, the inside of the epididymis become inflamed and painful with a burning sensation, likely due to seminal fluid remaining inside the epididymis following ejaculation. The Burns takes time to go away, and men suffering from it should sit on the toilet with their penis aimed down to allow for sufficient drainage. If this is a common problem, you should speak to your doctor.
After wanking it with Sally, I got the burns. Took like ten minutes to go away.
by Iron Penguin March 27, 2010
Exceedingly old cannabis that has become dry, clumpy, and strong smelling. When smoked, is very harsh and dry, causing irritation of the lungs and excessive coughing.

Term originates from the concept that smoking this kind of cannabis is akin to having an angry Turkish baby thrashing around in your lungs, as Turkish stereotype lends itself to hairy arms and fits of convulsion-inducing rage.

Hence, a small baby with hairy arms thrashing around inside your lungs is a suitable comparison for smoking cannabis fitting the above description.

Also to mention, excessive coughing during smoking any cannabis leads to a more intense high. Adding to this weed's tendency to become more potent the dryer it becomes, Angry Turkish Baby will cause a very severe and lasting high, especially to more virgin lungs.
MAN 1: Man, I lost my entire bag of kush at Steve's.

MAN2: Well, I've got about a 1/4 left over from Halloween last year.

MAN 1: Man, that stuff has become Angry Turkish Baby by now.

MAN 2: Beggars can't be choosers. Try not to loose your bag next time, moron.
by Iron Penguin January 09, 2011
Love is a complex concept drawing from various ideas and concepts. At its core, love involves attraction, (not necessarily sexual,) and positive emotional attachment, as well an invoking motivations of loyalty, devotion, and/or trust. Love involves several different definitions, however, only the romantic version will be discussed.

“Love” can be defined as a highly idealized romantic relationship between a partner or spouse, or more specifically, the central motivating and sustaining factor of that relationship. In this case, "love" is an intangible emotional, (or in extreme cases, metaphysical) force in which a person understands and accepts every part of their partner, and are motivated to devote themselves to this person. Often this is defined as being "fate," or otherwise beyond one's control. "Falling in love" being the most common descriptor of this supposed phenomena, with falling carrying with it an accidental or unexpected connotation. The causes for this schema are centered around two key factors: the appeal that love simply "occurs" or is "fated" or is "an accident" is obvious, as it implies that it is easier to occur, harder to screw up, or more likely, (or even inevitable.) The second of these factors is the misunderstanding of "love" as "infatuation," "obsession," or "attraction." These are biological, behavioral, and social forces, and are certainly not synonymous or interchangeable with the almost mystical concept of "love."
1) TIM: Man, I think I'm in love with Sara.
by Iron Penguin October 26, 2010
While the connotation for dickhead has for many years denoted someone who is boorish, lame, or acts like an idiot, a more recent trend is to associate the term "dickhead" to a particular sub-genre of the "indi" trend.

To be brief, a "dickhead" is a cross between a "scene kid" and a "hipster."

Often superficial and a poser, the dickhead can be characterized by a distinctive clothing style crossing retro or vintage elements with wild flashy add-ons that vary greatly.

To discuss behavior, lifestyle, and activities, a Dickhead is someone who acts very self-entitled and "off the radar," (ie, "that's so mainstream") yet is very concerned with their standing within the dickhead microcosm, (similar to "indi-cred")

With interests revolving around worldly liberal events such as politics, world hunger, poverty, and other protest-worthy topics, the dickhead feels very enlightened and worldly. In addition, foreign short films, local music, and obscure micro-media are key points of interest. Clubs, cub-music, and club-lifestyle are central to the identity of the dickhead, so long and the prerequisite levels of "not mainstream" and "worldly/concerned/informed" are met.
DANE: "So I just picked up some fair-trade sweetgrass for my new handmade wood-style bracelets I'll be including with my band's EP. 75% of all proceeds going to Africa for that thing there."

MIKE: "Fucking dickhead."

DANE: "Careful, don't want to rumple my bright yellow scarf, or it will clash with my oversized 7-UP belt buckle holding up my purple bell bottoms, with my thin wool low cut V-neck sweater."
by Iron Penguin April 28, 2011

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