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The general term usaully stated before one lobs a nade into an enemy position.
J-Bomb get the door!! FRAG OUT!

I'm Hit!
by Iron James January 28, 2004
1)Making the wisest of the wise decisons to get out of a tough situation.

2)To make a completly rediculous decsion that ends up working out in your favour or the complete opposite, having the worse outcome possible.
Good Call you fuckin jagweed

or more entuisastic "GOOD CALL!....douchebag"
by Iron James January 24, 2004
full out fist to vagina action
Jay you slut dont be a fucktwat tomorrow night and just fuckin fist'er when shes not looking, and when she turns around fuckin Five Spoker
by Iron James January 27, 2004
When a b-rods jubblies seem to point in a downward position.
Man you see that b-rod... Wouldya chuck it in?. Hold on a second.... take a look at her fuckin down pointers, thats disgusting....she's definitly the Dildo that slipped through the cracks
by Iron James January 26, 2004
The fine art of nailing a girl in the eye with your extremely accurate semen blast
Fuckin right Sheldor Give'r a shot in the eye for me too man! *High Five*

Get'r Done!
by Iron James January 26, 2004
1) The nice little brown mark that is left in the back of your undergarments.

2) Can be used as an insult to get yourslef out of a tough position
1) Wow even the washing machine didnt take out that mean meat stain I got back there! Thats a dark one.

2) YEAH! welllll fuck you, ya fuckin meat stain! You've just been gettin cattle prodded to much you fucktwat.
by Iron James January 29, 2004
A teacher that goes by the name of Reginald who tried to hide his secret robotic identity.
Holy fuck, did Reg's hand just fall off? What the fuck, is that a claw??? he's fuckin Reg Bot.
by Iron James November 17, 2004
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