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Sweet and kick ass! Like badong in a good way.
"Thats sweet. Thats kick ass. They should make a new word of heightened meaning for it. Like swickass or swicka. Thats swicka."
by Irob March 03, 2003
noun. L33t for fear. Other spellings- f33r phrr ph33r and such.
"Phjear mah l33t skillz j00 f00!
by Irob March 03, 2003
n. Not pronounced Kah-mah-hal like some retards like to call him.
by Irob March 10, 2003
InterContinental Ballitic Missle. Usually loaded with a nuclear warhead. Also know as pest control.
The last words seen before he died were written on the ICBM. Killroy was here__(o o)__
by Irob March 10, 2003
v. Being retarded and poking someone in the eye.

It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye... Then it's hilarious.
by Irob March 10, 2003
n. 1)C://Con/Con. If you know html and you know the img tag, then make one to this, and then send it to some asshole with Windows 98 or 95.
2) A random saying. Like so random that you can meet someone off the street and say it. It's very odd but yeah...
1) Hello

2 ) CON CON!!!!

1) ¿!?!¿!?!¿
by Irob March 10, 2003
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