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4chan's "Random" image board. A place where you go to become your inner asshole, or, live out your sickest fantasies.
"I'm going on /b/ tonight."
by Irne May 09, 2005
A basterdization of the greeting, "Hey". Commonly used by /b/tards on 4chan.
"Hay guyz, what's going on!?"
by Irne May 09, 2005
A haven to those banned from 4chan.org You can find those who were banned like Soviet Russia, Dash Billions, or Patware there.
Wtfux.org, baned haven.
by Irne May 09, 2005
A basterdization of "W.T. Snax". He appears to be the keeper of 4chan.org's /b/ imageboard.
"Hey, Snax, unban me? ;o"
by Irne May 09, 2005
Someone who automatically fails it. Specifically, someone who has automatically failed to do something in the correct way.
"God, Alyssa's such a gildor."
by Irne May 09, 2005
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