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Irish people are hot, love alcohol but we arent all drinkers or alcoholics, love to smoke, have the best holiday St.paddy's day, excellent athletes, have the best country, coolest last names ( Murphy, O'Brian ...) are the people you want to be on your side in a bar fight, love to party and love families( AKA their Clans), strong, brave, crazy at times, thick headed and stubborn-- because we stand up for what we believe in and hate the English, love the color green.
by Irishredhead July 30, 2009
muggy and humid out side. Pronounced Mug-id
Its so Mugid out right now, i cant stand this heat.
by Irishredhead August 04, 2009
cant drink as much as the Irish and will never be has good looking!! Irish Rule!!
Italian Gweedos are faggs and use to much hair gel
by Irishredhead July 30, 2009
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