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The national sport of Canada, which is very popular in both Canada, USA, and the UK. It's the best sport ever - there are lots of rules (but fortunately not the kind that will stop you damaging somebody).

One of the most hardcore, badass games ever invented (so long as it's full contact), it's easily at least as violent as rugby, ice hockey or american football. It's a game for real men.

Lacrosse is played in the UK by boys and girls, due to a recent craze emerging especially around Manchester.

UK male Lacrosse is basically the same as US Lacrosse, with the same rules and full contact.

UK girls' Lacrosse does now have contact but only stick checking is allowed. Only Mixed Lacrosse is non-contact, in case the guys decapitate the girls.
Lacrosse is f**king hardcore dude. If you haven't heard of it, go play baseball with the pussies.

US Boys - full contact, badass game

UK Boys - full contact, same badass game

UK Girls - a little bit of contact, not as badass

UK Mixed - no contact.yawn.
by Irish_Lancs November 19, 2005

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