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Top Bloak, commonly used more in Europe, meaning that your a good guy, always dependable and a great and responsible friend that wont leave you when your in some trouble but stays with you and faces it.
A top cunt is rather on the other hand a general asshole that is the exact opposite of a friend and it more like an enemy than a pal.
Top Bloak
jimmy hey man i think im gonna get jumped by 5 those 5 kids

Colin well lets go give them something to shove up there ass

Top Cunt
anthony hey im in a bit of a wind can you help
adam] that your problem sucks for you
by IrishCatholicBlueCollar July 22, 2010
yuppie- defined as young urban professional, yet that name is simply not enough to describe the scum they truly are. They have ruined towns in parts of New York, and have simply destroyed boston. South Boston use to be the best place to raise your kids, everyone knew everyone, until the yuppie, decided to take it upon themselves to buy out and destroy and build luxury condo's with extremely outrageous pricing for rent, of course no Bostonian could afford. There fore making irish catholic true south boston residents forced to move out. These yuppies now take south Boston to be a place of party, and a place to get wasted. WRONG, there are still hundreds of teens that end up fighting these rich scummers because daddy bought you an apartment and you can throw house parties... screw the 3 generations of family house next to you with a family of 5 -6 including 2-3 children. i truly believe that these yuppies have truly corrupt the communities of boston.
South Boston 1920's- 1990's
Jimmy pedestrain 1 hey how are
Michael pedestrain 2 i know you your flabbos kid right

South Boston present
Patrick Southbostonian1 hi how are you

Hunter arrogant yuppie1 no response

Blue collarhardworker that was a tough day down the docks
Travisspoonfed yuppiero my dad gave me andother 1000 dollars lets get wasted
by IrishCatholicBlueCollar July 18, 2010

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