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A euphemism for rich people that boils down to "aristocrat with a business"

Stems from the pre-Enlightenment fantasies of teabaggers and other randroids that taxing the rich will somehow hurt the economy under the fallacious belief that rich people actually create jobs.

Newspeak for an an old belief.
We shouldn't tax the job creators of America, because they are industrious people and earned that money because of their virtues, and not because people actually bought their goods and services!
by IrishBarbarian August 05, 2011
A serious form of narcissism. To act as if one is an important person without actually doing anything worthwhile to prove it, thus making one look like a complete tool.

Sometimes abbreviated as USI.
Idiot: Hey guys! I just put up all these sweet pictures of myself on Facebook, and I've got this vlog that you've gotta check out. If you don't, you're clearly some kind of lesser being, 'cause everyone loves me for no reason!

Smart Person: Sounds like unwarranted self-importance to me.
by IrishBarbarian January 22, 2011
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