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A variation of One Night Stand and ejacuvate, only in the morning, like say before school in her BMW. After the fact, these two will suffer a day of either awkward looks or sensual stares, depending on their relationship. The author has only suffered the former unfortunately, but in due time...
Friend: "So how'd it go with Nicolette this morning, didn't you need to get a ride from her?"
One Morning Stand...er: "Actually I was the one who gave her the--"
Friend: "The ride? Goddamn are you predictable, so you fucked her...in her car...before school started?"
OMS..er: "Yep...I'll be back, I have cooking next, so I should probably wash my hands, I don't think anyone wants FISH in their stir fry....do you get it, huh?!"
Friend: "....god I hate you"
by Irish Wolf March 29, 2006

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