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What's the crack? What's the craic?
Officialy: What's the craic? Craic being an Irish language word for good times/ gossip/music/ drinking/ debauchery of any kind/ or good clean fun.
Not specifically linked to crack of the crack-cocaine definition.
If asked this question by an Irish person, you are expected to give a reply which includes information on how you are, what you are doing, where are you going, with whom are you going there, have you any interesting gossip one might like to hear about, and so on. It is a question to which there are many possible answers, and it is used with great frequency on the Emerald Isle.

Can be used in a variety of ways:
1. Q: What's the crack?
Possible Ans: The craic's great/grand... I've got a new job workin'wi' the council. I got steamin drunk last night and ended up went with that Paddy Doherty from the co-op and I'm wrecked today. Any craic wi' you? OR There's no craic at all. Any craic with you? (i.e. nothing interesting happening here at all)

2. Q:How was the party last night?
Ans: It was brilliant craic .....and so on

3. Q: Where's the craic?
Ans: Try Mickey D's house, there's a session going on there (night of drink/ women/ music etc)

4. Q: Any craic?
Answer: Yes, did you not hear the craic? Mary from Shantallow is up the duff (pregnant)
by Irish Princess May 11, 2006

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