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A maltese slang word which means dick. Also used for other meanings.
1) "Xiz-zobb qieghed taghmel?"

2) "Qisek zobbi"

"Qisek zobb go bott"

3) "Naddafli il-kamra"

"Eeee zobbi!"

4) "Nista niehu naqa?"


"Iz-zobb ejj'oqghod"

5) "Hon, mur ghamilli naqa te', b'erba' zokkor u ftit halib tal-bott. Taghmlux jahraq hafna ta. E u tinsix iggibli il-morning coffee'

"Tridx taqbadli zobbi?"

6) "Gejt qisek xadina f'dan ir-ritratt"

"Zobb f'ghoxx kemm ghandek gejt qisni xadina"
by Ir-Rabtija April 15, 2010
A maltese slang word. An expression usually used to say that you're not willing to do something you do not like. It is sometimes also used randomly in a sentence in a way to show that you are swearing because of a mishap.
1) English "Would you wash up the plates for me, please?"


Maltese "Jimporta tahsilli il-platti jekk joghgbok?"


2)English "What are you doing?"

"I'm trying to fix the computer"

Maltese "X'inti taghmel?"

"Qieghed inzabbab mal-kompjuter ghax mux qieghed jahdem"
by Ir-Rabtija April 15, 2010
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