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According to everyone who dosent live there is very rich, and you have to be rich to live there. Considering it has 37.4 % of the population under the poverty line, and even more on the line or close to it. Overall more times that often either poor or rich in newport, very few rich people, live here year round (hence why the population grows in the summer) There are very few millonares in newport, few of which live here year round. There are more in East Greenwich, Providence, Barrington, Bristol, Little Compton and so on.

Newport has either the 3rd. highest or 2.nd higest crime rate in RI, behind Providence (sometimes 3rd to Pawtucket, RI).

Population goes from 26k in the winter to about/over 100k in the summer. Newport has the 3rd highest African American % of population in RI, 3rd. Highest Hispanic/non-white population percentage in RI, behind Proivendce and Woonsocket(african-american, Providence and Pawtucket(hispanic).

Newport is known for its mansions, night scence, its beuaty, its toursium, Festivels and so on. It makes RI over 2 billion dollars from tourism.

Its school system, is about half white, quater black, about a quater hispanic/ mixed races, and very few other races.

Rogers High School is the one of the smallest Public High School in RI, There are over 5000 kids eligable to go to Newport Public schools, but only about 1500 due so, due to the school enviorment (which is said to be dangerous, and unsafe, compared to surrondign areas, Middletown, Portsmouth, NK, Bristol, etc.) but competes in mostly D1 sports. Its track and field team has 2nd most championships, behidn Hendriken High School (Private, Wariwck Ri), One of the best basketball progams in the state, football has the most championship titles in RI, and so on. Overall newport is one of the most diverse places in the nation. You can travel from one end of the city and Be in a very safe and wealthy place, to the other end, where there is much poverty, crime, pollution, and so on.
"Newport, R.I."
Newport, Rhode Island
Dont talk about it, unless you live there.
by Ipk14dp May 18, 2009

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