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Basic, timed medium distance running events held over semi-rough, off-road terrain. Due to the limited popularity of the sport, most cross country "athletes" tend to think of themselves as elite and superior to individuals who partake in other sports. Unfortunately for them, this is never really the case, seeing as most other sports involve grueling daily practice oftentimes on top of frequent roadwork of equal or greater distance. However, a cross country "athlete" will never admit this. Vast majority of participants didn't have the hand eye coordination for baseball, the explosiveness and sheer physical strength for football and rugby, reaction time and accuracy for soccer, the physical toughness and tenacity for wrestling, the stamina and adaptability of triathletes, and the combination of all aforementioned qualities required for boxing, MMA and other such combat sports.
"Dude, us Cross country runners are hard core, we do fucking 3.1 miles per race, and sometimes run up to 8 miles per day!"

"I scoff at just how physically pathetic you are, not only do you lack the stamina of a marathon runner or even those who do half marathons, you're also stick thin and have a laughable musculature. Why don't you try a real sport for once, at least you wouldn't look like a skeleton with sleeves."
by IoutrunXCerS October 14, 2011
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