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Once a virulent epidemic of America, where anorexia and suicide were not uncommon biproducts. Once upon a time, it was a less-than-magical place for middle and high schoolers were lonely males could drool over pictures of partially naked and extremely self-conscious slutty females. Emos became more emo. Girls became anorexic, and both guys and girls became suicidal. It was, in itself, a pretty good social networking medium, but has long since been abandoned. The few people still on it spend most of their time cursing Mark Zuckerberg and trying to get over their middle school experiences in the early 2000's.
Emo Guy on Myspace: Hello? is there anyone I can try to emotionally relate to out there?

Myspace: An unexpected error has occured.
by Iodinea March 11, 2012

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