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A small suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. Known for a few things such as: a large Hispanic population, teenage pregnancies, a poor educational system, and well sketch personalities. There are far and few good people, but mostly likely you will find chismosas, women with loose morals, and ghetto people in general.

They are the laughing stock of Maricopa County. The police department had to be dismantled and rebuilt just a few years ago for corruption. The mismanagement of the city includes stealing city funds, corruption, and a plenty social issues to go around.

One thing is for sure if you ever need a day laborer just stop at the intersection of Grand and Greenway.
I am from El Mirage, I had a baby at the age of 15, I have little education, and now I am a burden to the government due to my poor upbringing.
by Inyourarms June 13, 2011

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