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The French form of "whatever".
Let me break it down for you in French - whatevu.
by International Giant December 06, 2013
A cousin to the amphetamine class of drugs where its prolonged stimulant, negative physiological, psychological and/or emotional effects may be easily dismissed eliminating harm and dependency.
When chemists invent synthetamine it should no longer be an addictive or harmful substance.
by International Giant October 10, 2013
Involuntary muscle spasms that result from excessive or intense twerking.
If you twerk too hard you might have a twergasm on the dance-floor.
by International Giant September 02, 2013
To have an explosive bowel-movement that leaves splatters of fecal matter on the sides of the bowl and under the toilet seat that are often difficult to remove if left to dry.
After two servings at that Chinese buffet I ran in the toilet to blowmud.
by International Giant August 28, 2013
someone who exposes injustices happening inside the world of electronic and/or via internet communications.
Eric Snowden could be referred to as a digital rebel.
by International Giant December 26, 2013
A person who is a fan of Buzzsaw, an internet based independent news outlet.
A buzzcateer is a person in-the-know about world events and activities not covered by the mainstream media.
by International Giant September 15, 2013
To party listening to tracks by the music producer, "Skrillex" aka: Sonny Moore.
I was skrillexing at the club last night.
by International Giant September 14, 2013

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