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Theatre of Dreams.
best ground Europe (if not the world) has to offer.
what more can I say?
at least our ground has real atmosphere.
by International Bad Boy July 05, 2004
a football team that relocated from Paris to North London.
L'arsenal Football Club, ils ont perdu encore! (Arsenal have lost again!)
by International Bad Boy March 24, 2005
the only greatest football club in the world.
Beckham... into Sheringham, and Solskjaer has won it!!

History is made. Manchester United are the champions of Europe again, and nobody will ever win the European Cup final more dramatically than this! Champions of England, Champions of Europe, Winners of the F.A. Cup, everything their hearts desired!

Down and out, not a bit of it, they are never out!
by International Bad Boy February 17, 2005
another way to say "my". frequently found on people's profiles.
i'm cool wiv mi m8s, they're da best eva!
by International Bad Boy September 04, 2004
another way to describe being either being beaten to within an inch of one life, or being rounded up and shot down.
if ya don't have my money by tomorrow, i'll be doin the Swedish Massage on yo ass.
by International Bad Boy August 22, 2004
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