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parts of a girl's otherwise tanned body that are not tanned. Usually caused by bikini straps, etc.
look at that girl's tan lines, she looks like she's got stripes all over her!
by International Bad Boy April 24, 2005
a Spanish football team based in Merseyside.
In a couple of years, Spanish players will outnumber English players on LFC by a 50-0 margin.
by International Bad Boy March 17, 2005
a football match between two teams from the same city or area.
Man Utd v Man City (Manchester)
Arsenal v Chelsea (London)
Liverpool v Everton (Merseyside)
by International Bad Boy October 27, 2004
see also Ali G.
he fit wicked, innit? respek.
by International Bad Boy September 09, 2004
A phrased that one uses to call out or pump up a large group of people. Made infamous by Delia Smith
"This is a message for possibly the best supporters in the world. We need a 12th man here. Where are you? Where are you? Let's be having you! Come on!"

- Delia Smith to Norwich City supporters
by International Bad Boy July 30, 2005
another way to say "with".
I be safe wiv my m8s, bruv.
by International Bad Boy July 24, 2004
an English team that is supposedly based in the SW London area.
Da, nyet, Chelski isz za shite teaam vrom Moskva!
by International Bad Boy February 26, 2005

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