53 definitions by International Bad Boy

shorter version of and.
yeh, he gots me some heroin an shit.
by International Bad Boy September 03, 2004
feeling dumb or stupid after something happens.

see also crunchy.
he tried to throw the ball at his head, but it bounced and ended up hitting him. he musta felt salty.
by International Bad Boy October 18, 2004
one of England's worst teams, and by far the worst fans in all of Europe.
Leeds supporter: dear Santa, all I want for Christmas is for Leeds to not get relegated to the Conference League!
by International Bad Boy December 11, 2004
the manager of Arsenal, a staunch advocate of diving, cheating, and cheating the referees.
Arsene Wenger has stated that diving is good for the game, but only when it's in his team's favor.
by International Bad Boy March 24, 2005

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