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1. adj.
a. Covered in fur.
b. Similar in texture or appearance to fur.

2. n. An anthromorphic animal.

3. n. A person who is to any degree interested in (read: not necessarily wants to yiff) animals, which can range from animals with the ability to speak to those with very humanlike bodies.
Some furries are quite fond of (read again: not always yiff) plushies and, less commonly, dressing up in a fursuit that either depicts their fursona/favorite animal or just a giant plushie.
Many tend to write stories/poetry about or draw their fursona or any other anthromorphic creature. Some, I may add, are quite good at it.
Any other sub-culture on this planet is just as prone or moreso to harm children as furries are, so why and how the "all furries are dangerious to children" rumor has spread remains unknown.
Note that not all furries are disgusting middle aged men who are unemployed and create a better imaginary self-image for the sake of getting some cyber action. Some are young, successful, and have no problems with their image.

Note: Most people seem to agree on all definitions but the last, thusly, the particular entry contains much greater detail than the other two.
1. Wow, that dog is furry!

2. Redwall has many furry characters.

3. I am furry, hear me roar!
by IntVSyou August 16, 2005
Otherkin is a group of people who believe that in some way, they are not completely human. Some think they are a reincarnation of mythological beings, aliens, animals native to this planet, etc. Others think they've descended from ancient elvish or fae bloodlines and what have you. Probably most rarely, even some believe that they are existing on this plane in their "trueform" but under a "seeming," which from what I know is some sort of magical disguise.
While a vast majority of 'kin are most likely vying for attention and many may indeed be delusional, there are those who lead quite normal lives and are quite happy with the way things are.
"I never would have guessed, but my friend is an otherkin. She seemed so normal, too."
"The otherkin just wanted a place to relax, but it seemed that even on their own turf the flamers would not give them peace."
by IntVSYou September 06, 2005
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