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1 definition by Inster Pseudoym Here

Possibly one of the greatest Sub-Genres in all of Heavy Metal. It combines the brutality, low guitar and bass tunings, complex and fast drumming, guttural vocals (while usually higher pitched than in normal Death Metal) with focus more on melody and harmony more than brutality. Electric guitars typically have complex rhythm, structure and riffs to them and combine low riffing, palm muting and power chords with "mini-solo" like parts that involve higher notes and odd note groupings. The genre started in the early 90's and has spanned from there. Some great/notable bands including a song are:
Carcass: Heartwork
Arch Enemy: Bury Me An Angel
In Flames: Jester's Script Transfigured
Dark Tranquility: Punish My Heaven
At The Gates: The Swarm
Dethklok: Laser Cannon Deth Sentence
Children Of Bodom: Every Time I Die
Amon Amarth: War Of The Gods
The Duskfall: Shoot It In
Callenish Circle: Suffer My Disbelief
Hey wanna go see Arch Enemy? Michael Amott is the master of Melodic Death Metal!
Melodic Death Metal bands are so talented.
by Inster Pseudoym Here May 06, 2011