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4 definitions by Inspireyou

The differrence between where you are and where you want to be in important matters.
The mattergap in his relationship caused Simon to consider closing his start-up and moving across the nation to be closer to the love of his life.
by Inspireyou September 07, 2009
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The ability to see opportunities.
Opportunision allows entrepreneurs to seize untapped markets before the competition.
by Inspireyou September 06, 2009
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A person who creates enterprises and businesses to solve problems.
The Kaufmann Foundation is hoping to facilitate the growth of more problemeurs in the decade ahead with it's Find A Problem; Change the World grant campaign.
by InspireYOU October 26, 2009
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An individual who excels at turning market opportunities into economic engines.
Pam's resume read like a seasoned eco-engineur with multiple start ups and ventures.
by Inspireyou September 07, 2009
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