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1 definition by InsertPsuedoNameHere

When a bro has multiple bromances with multiple bros. Often, there are no bromances between the multiple bros other than the brolygamist.

Derived from Late Greek literally meaning "multiple-bro marriages."

Earliest documented practices of brolygamy date back to the early Roman Empire where soldiers would often enjoy the camaraderie of one another during the long marches.

During the days of Prohibition, brolygamy ran rampant in speakeasies. In later years, Nazi Germany outlawed most forms of brolygamy, though records indicate Adolf Hitler may have been a brolygamist himself.

Today, brolygamy is most apparent in college situations, including but not limited to frat houses and social gatherings of bros.

Though practices of brolygamy are not prohibited in 49 states and U.S. owned territories (Wyoming outlawed brolygamy in 2010 since its low population often made it difficult to regulate drama from bromances with all 13 bros residing in the state), the practice itself is questionable to the bros involved.
Bro 1: Dude, I swear, bro, that bro, Matt, has a bromance on me, dude.

Bro 2: Dude, he has bromances with a crap load of bros, dude. (Pops A&F polo collar) He practices brolygamy.
by InsertPsuedoNameHere May 28, 2011
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