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Most common opinions on Twilight and its author:

Preteen girl obsessed with the saga, has posters up all over in her room and wears t-shirts with Edward Cullen or Jacob Black on the front. Is defensive of her "team" (see Team Jacob and Team Edward) and will become physically violent if you are a member of the opposing "team" or make fun of her for her preference. Typically referred to as a "Twitard" by the following.

Teenage boy obsessed with Twilight and its author, but not in the same way as explained above. Spends every minute of his day plotting ways to assassinate Stephenie Meyer. Favorite hobby is trolling music videos and trailers that are connected to the saga. Typically refers to Twilight as a movie, as opposed to a book series.

Middle-aged woman who needs to spice up her life with romance novels. Commonly referred to as a "Twimom." Sometimes goes to see the new movies with her daughter(s). Husbands should be respected as they put up with this crap.
Stephenie Meyer's name is spelled after her father's, Stephen. She often goes by "Steph."

Meyer also wrote The Host, a romance/sci-fi novel that is much more respectable than the Twilight Saga.
by InsertBrilliantNameHere April 14, 2011
A common misspelling of the name Stephenie Meyer.

Stephenie Meyer is most known for writing the Twilight Saga, and ninety-five percent of Urban Dictionary writers love to flame her, the remaining five percent praising her like she's their only reason to live.

See Stephenie Meyer. I recommend you read my indifferent definition which should probably be posted by the time you read this.
XxUnoriginalEmoScreennameXx: dont u hate stephanie meyer?? we should get together and asassinate her

ScreennameMadeToSoundLikeNinja: I don't really give a damn, but if you're going to flame her try to get her name right.
by InsertBrilliantNameHere March 27, 2011

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