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An insence made with Sandlewood and the Champa flower (Plumeria).
To say Nag Champa lets start with:
"Nag." Start by saying "Gnaw" then slap a "G" on the end. The word is closer to "Nogg" (as in egg nogg) than "Nag" (what your mom or wife does to try to get you to do dishes)
"Champa" pronounced "Shampa"

Now you won't sound like you are talking about a person that chomps on naggers when you say, "Nag Champa"
Those Indians know their insence. Nag Champa rocks!
by Insane Preacher March 15, 2008
Defn 1: When a women's vagina looks like someone gave six pounds of raw hamburger an uppercut.

Defn 2: Maegan's Poon
When I left rotting raw hamburg in fron of Maegan's door, she knew it was because she was a dirty slut with a hamburger uppercut.
by Insane Preacher March 15, 2008

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