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When you have a moment of ghettoness. or say something really gangsta.
1.You knew she was gonna have a black moment when you saw her foot long nails and her mouth about to open....

2.Tracy had another blck moment today. This time she was bobbing her head like a chiken while she said "Oh no you dit-int"
by Insane Nu Yawka July 18, 2005
1. A girl or boy who is being really stupid and ridiculous and annoying for that matter.

2. A bitch who is currently being really stupid and annoying.
Jennifer:I want another cheeseburger.

David:Stop being such a stupid ass bitch! Your like 500 pounds.
by Insane Nu Yawka July 18, 2005
A person from The Valley.
She is so stupid. Is she a Val?
by Insane Nu Yawka July 18, 2005
A woman who has more gay male friends than others, leaving a shortage of fags.
Jennifer: Wanna go to the mall?
Dina: No sorry I'm already going with Richard tonight and tommmorow with Cliff.
Jennifer: You are such a fag hag you fucking bitch! Give me one of them!
Dina: No way!
by Insane Nu Yawka July 18, 2005

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