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A small vehicle that's big on ignorance. Usually laden with asinine "mods", like garish plastic ground effects that were never painted to match the rest of the car, a giant whale-tail even though it's front-wheel-drive, and a fart-can whose sound encourages everyone to turn and laugh at the driver.

This phenomenon is sad, really. It may have resulted from the fact that stupid consumers flocked to front-wheel drive, despite the fact that these cars handle like a sled on concrete and AREN'T WORTH MODIFYING.
Back in our parents' day, kids would save up to buy an old Chevelle and work on it until it was a V-8 powerhouse.

Today, most of that demographic has been replaced with spoiled brats who think they can buy performance in the form of stickers and a subwoofer. Instead of wasting their money on these laughable ricers, they could have scoped out Auto Trader for a great muscle car and owned a classic.
by Information Central March 09, 2004
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