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2 definitions by Infidel

death metal band from Rhode Island. Two main members are Tony Lazaro(Guitars) and David Suzuki(Drums, Bass, Lead Guitars). Glen Benton of Deicide did vocals on their latest album.
Vital Remains kicks more ass than Shadows Fall.
by Infidel February 08, 2004
1. A popular pastime for students in college Computer Science classes with access to wireless internet. Although secretive, this activity often involves groups of several students at a time, only to be discussed after class. 2. Also, a tool utilized by students to keep awake during boring lectures.
1. Seems that this semester I'll have 6 hours of GB scheduled per week.
2. Man, I'd be bored stupid or asleep every class if it wasn't for GB!
by infidel January 12, 2005