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Israeli Currency.
as of July 2005, worth about 1:4.5 of a US dollar.
"a bubble gum for a shekel?? thats robbery!"
by inferno July 31, 2005
Pig Of the Week... An award given to your frat buddy's for hooking up with the ugliest girl on campus. This is a weekly award usually given out on a sunday's.
Mike, that girl you hook up with was nasty... You get the POW award this week!
by Inferno July 25, 2005
A map making guild on starcraft dawgs
/join &Z
by Inferno October 13, 2003
Peter Phan
Peter Phan is a wangless pansy
by inferno July 28, 2003
Adj. Litterally, to be like a crocodile. Either having to do with the appearance of one's skin or one's teeth.
"I need to go to the orthodontist, my teeth are all crocked." or "You're looking a little crocked, you need some Pepto?"
by Inferno April 05, 2003
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