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A stabbing motion with the tongue.
Donald Rumsfield tonguepunches the stankstar!
#felate #cunnalingus #oral #rimjob #bung-bouncing
by InfernalDante June 06, 2009
Oxegen thief. O2 as in Oxegen and the phonetic alphabet letter 'T'.Many people fit this discription. They generally are lacking in common sense, much like zombies, but have the dire urge to reduce the air supply of those who pull their own weight.
You and five others have been given the important task to pick up cigarette butts in a nearby parking lot. While most of you execute this time sensitive mission however, there is at least one of these O2-Tango's are standing around as if paychecks just will themselves into their bank accounts.
#mouth-breather #turd #id10t #frisbee #cletus
by InfernalDante October 04, 2010
When two or more farts have joined aromatic forces in a specific area transforming into one smell that cannot be tolerated by any of the creators.
In a supermarket I released a fart in an isle loaded with people and immediately left the scene. When I returned to observe my victims I noticed there must have been a counter-fart because the area did not smell familiar... it smelled like fartsex.
#poopsex #bungparty #poopsoup #crapdance #counter-fart
by InfernalDante April 11, 2009
slang term used for receiving head
"Gimme some vacuum."
may also be used as code between giver and receiver,"vacuum," then slip away to sneaky location.
#oral #felate #chop up #mouthsex #head #suksuk
by InfernalDante April 11, 2009
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