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the military term to pop smoke is to retreat or to move without the enemy seeing your movements.

used as a term to get out of difficult situation
break left, pop smoke
by indy March 27, 2005
A generally positive. Good, excelent, pleasurable. Akin to horrorshow
All in one spizordic day, Steve aced his math exam, got a huge paycheck from work, and got laid, twice.
by Indy October 25, 2004
(1) The face of the WWF:2 chat

(2) The Canadian Smartass

(3) To make someone look like a fucktard in public
"You just pulled an Indystar...bitch"
by Indy April 02, 2005
Da most beautifull gall u cud evaa find,she got da nicesssttt smileeee eva
and da best personalityyyy and loooks absolutely sexxxxy
luvvvv u loadss will be derrrr 4 u 4 evaaaaa
by Indy February 05, 2005
The evil one god out to dominate the world from the series "Xena: Warrior Princess"
Hope is the granddaughter of Dahak.
by Indy September 05, 2003
An old shitty wrestler who needs to retired and go back to teaching kids to be wrestlers that are 10x better than him. Also known as the Has-Been Kripple
HBK should just retired and become a teacher
by Indy April 02, 2005
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