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1) Failing an online course, most commonly used for extremely easy online courses.
2) When an e-mail is not sent for whatever error (user, hardware, software).
3) A failed pickup attempt online with a chatroom companion; rejection
1) "Damn, I cannot believe that my online basket weaving course turned out to be an e-fail. Now I'll never graduate."
2) A: Did you get my e-mail? It was very important.
B: No.
A: Crap. The TPS reports are going to be late because of a stupid e-fail.
3)A: you wanna cyber
B: No.
A: Well that was a total e-fail.
by Induhvidyooul January 16, 2007
when someone bends over and shits explosive diarrhea in the subject's face. Popular in many parts of Germany
"My girl and I got so freaky last night, she even wanted a sandstorm when I told her I was having explosive diarrhea."
by induhvidyooul October 28, 2006

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