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Look to all those arrogant people out there here is the matter of fact: Goths took over rome a loooooong time ago! A 'Goth' isnt acctually a goth. But heres the deal, ill explain what the truth is behind the label GOTH:
A gothusually dresses dark and listens to a variety of music. People do not understand that because somone dresses differently or is a 'Goth' doesnt make them suicidal, werid or a meff. To be honuest the people who think that often have problems with being an individual or have a problem with people being an individual. I can see in the near future someone being shot for wearing blue on a daily basis.
How oh-so un educated some people are :@
A good example of the stereotype of a Goth is someone who wears black, listens to rock and has some grasp on the thing i call INDIVIDUALITY!
by IndividualKid October 21, 2008

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