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7 definitions by Individual

Purposedly misspelled variation of pwn3d. Same as owned but l33ter or dumber depending the point of view.
H4h4h4H4h4 j00 g0t t3h pw3nd r0tflm40x0rz!!11!!3L3v3n!!!1!
by Individual March 03, 2005
Suffix used to add impact in l33t speak. Its origins seem tied to orz, meaning that the affected person is somewhat pleading mercy to the action the author does (see shape and definition of orz).
It rocks -> It r0x -> It r0xxorz

u n00b stfu i r0xxorz!!!1!
by Individual December 18, 2004
Misspelling of own3d. See also owned.
man re4 just ow3nd silent hill 4
by Individual March 03, 2005
The shit hole of England, were the inbread lazy members of society reside to, breed, multiply, skive of the state by not working, then after falling pregnant (it not usual for girls as young as 16 to be on there third baby) not even being bothered to look after there reched offspring.
Just look for those houses with sky TV on council estates.
by Individual May 12, 2004
a cleaner word for shitsticks we rere's like to use(shitsticks is bad to)
Crapcicles, u did not just do that!!!
by individual March 06, 2005
marijuana, ganja, grass!! do u get it yet?
lets go mow that monkey grass sucka
by individual March 06, 2005
lick my nipple taken from Austen Powers
Lick my nine fo shizzle my nizzle
by individual March 06, 2005